About SAK

SAK is a labour market organisation, social interest group, campaigning force and NGO. As a movement for social reform SAK also influences political policymaking and public opinion.

SAK represents the interests of more than one million members in 20 affiliated trade unions. This makes SAK the largest lobbying organisation in Finland.

SAK is a confederation of 20 trade unions in industry, the public sector, transport and private services. These unions have a total of more than one million members, and promoting the emotional and material welfare of these individuals is the prime concern of SAK.

A wide range of occupations

The members of SAK-affiliated trade unions work in such a wide range of occupations that it is virtually impossible to define the profile of the typical member. Local authority childminders, flight attendants, bus drivers, waiters, builders and paper mill employees are all working in sectors organised under the broad SAK umbrella.

Just under half of the members of SAK-affiliated unions work in industry, about one third work in private services and one quarter work in the public sector. About a quarter of these members are under 35 years of age. 46 per cent of the total membership of SAK-affiliated unions are women.

The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions – SAK is the oldest employee confederation in Finland. Founded in 1907, it has looked after the interests of employees for a century.

Presentation of SAK

SAK-affiliated union members in brief

  • 444,090 women (46%)
  • 522,264 men (54%)
  • Total membership: 966,354 (1 January 2017)
  • One quarter work in the public sector (240,000 members)
  • One quarter work in services (250,000 members)
  • Almost half work in industry (450,000 members)
  • About 100,000 are trade union activists

Findings of the 2011 SAK membership survey

  • One quarter are in casual or irregular employment (19%)
  • More than half are in regular daytime work (58%)
  • One in seven members is unemployed or engaged in a subsidised employment or retraining programme (12%)

Other SAK key figures

  • 20 affiliated trade unions
  • About 100 local branch organisations
  • About 2,900 union branches
  • 6 regional offices
  • SAK has a staff of about 70 employees