SAK campaigns to curb climate change – April the first will be a Day of Action

Activists at the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) are keen to take a stand on climate change, and have joined forces with the organisation to support a #ilmastotekoNYT (#ClimateActionNOW) campaign. The trade union movement has always taken a leading role in tackling major contemporary challenges, and climate change is certainly no exception.
10.03.2020 09:07
SAK's Pia Björkbacka gave a speech in a Fridays for Future demonstration in September 2019. Photo: Harri Järvinen / SAK

A membership survey indicates that 83 per cent of union members aged between 20 and 40 years now regard climate change as a very or fairly serious problem. One third of all members would like to see the trade union movement take action to curb climate change.

Even though it is important to take positive climate measures at home, we should also remember that we spend about a third of the day at work, and some of the most effective climate measures are implemented at workplaces. That’s why we are keen to stress the role of employees in mitigating climate change.

The campaign will make 1 April 2020 a day to take action on the climate. Employees all over Finland will engage in climate-centred action on this day, sharing their experiences on social media under the #ilmastotekoNYT hashtag. Every action will reflect the individuals involved in terms of style and scale, with a view to demonstrating that the employee has an important role to play at work, and that the trade union movement is a substantial force in the struggle against climate change.

You can get involved in the campaign by contacting activists at your workplace or visiting to review the latest developments on the campaign website. You can also declare your support for the campaign by providing your contact details through the website, which will also provide an opportunity to share news of your own climate actions, either immediately or later.