The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions - SAK is a national confederation of its affiliated trade unions that serves as a stakeholder and lobbying organisation, a movement for social reform, and part of the international trade union movement.
Representatives of SAK-affiliated unions show racism the red card. Photo: Patrik Lindström

SAK has 17 affiliates organising a total of one million members in industry, transport and services, in the central and local government sectors, and in journalistic and cultural sectors.

The sovereign policymaking body of SAK is the Delegate Council, which holds two regular meetings each year. The Delegate Council has 129 members and is elected every four years.

The day-to-day work of SAK is the responsibility of an Executive Board of 20 ordinary members. The Executive Board appoints some of its members to serve as a Steering Committee, and it determines the composition and internal duties and responsibilities of the SAK Management Group.

Various specialist networks are appointed consisting of representatives of affiliated trade unions.

SAK offices

The Head Office of SAK is in the Hakaniemi district of Helsinki, and the organisation also has six regional offices.

The president of SAK is Mr Jarkko Eloranta and the head of international affairs is Mr Pekka Ristelä.

SAK office has a Management group, President's office and five departments.