SAK and EK mark Ukrainian Independence Day with EUR 40,000 donation for war victims

The Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) and the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) have agreed to make a joint donation of EUR 40,000 for victims of the Ukrainian war on 24 August. The donation seeks to remind us that Russia’s war of aggression is continuing and that Ukraine still needs our support.
24.08.2022 05:58
A banner supporting Ukraine is attached to the wall of SAK's central office. SAK President Jarkko Eloranta in front of the banner. Photo: SAK

Ukraine celebrates its national Independence Day on 24 August. It is also exactly six months since Russia launched its full-scale offensive war on Ukraine. The war overturned the foreign and security policy architecture nurtured by Finland and the rest of Europe since the end of the Cold War, with both Finland and Sweden hastening to seek membership of NATO.

Contrary to the expectations of the Russian leadership, the war was not over in a few days. SAK President Jarkko Eloranta urges the Government, civil society and people of Finland to continue their support for Ukraine.

“Ukraine and its citizens have enjoyed the unwavering support of Europeans while defending their independence with perseverance and courage throughout the crisis. Despite the continual flood of reported tragedies, we believe that it is important not to become desensitised to this war, and to continue supporting Ukraine.”

The SAK donation of EUR 20,000 will comprise EUR 10,000 for the Solidarity Fund of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), EUR 5,000 for the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and EUR 5,000 for the Finnish Red Cross. SAK previously donated a total of EUR 15,000 to the same organisations in February of this year.

To mark Ukrainian Independence Day, SAK will also hoist the Ukrainian flag at the front desk of its central office in Helsinki this morning.

SAK enlarged the content of its online service to include Ukrainian and Russian language materials last spring, providing readily accessible information on working in Finland to Ukrainians fleeing the war.