Make a vital decision and vote in the parliamentary elections

Election day for the 2023 parliamentary elections in Finland is Sunday 2 April. Voting isn’t difficult, but it’s worth remembering a few things to make sure that you don’t regret the outcome of your vote for the next four years.
24.03.2023 14:01
Photo: Santeri Viinamäki / Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 4.0).

How do you find a suitable candidate?

Think about the things that are most important to you and see how the candidates measure up by these standards. You may browse the parliamentary election gallery, which is compiled by the SAK trade union movement.

The gallery presents nearly 500 candidates who are keen to promote policies that favour employees in Finland. These candidates are committed to four themes and related goals. The themes are:

  • The need to make ends meet despite rising prices.
  • Wellbeing services are for everyone.
  • A fair settlement at workplaces.
  • Dignity for everyone and shared responsibility for the planet.

You may search the gallery for pro-employee candidates according to electoral district, political party and trade union. We warmly recommend these candidates as worthy of your vote!

How do you vote?

You may vote anywhere in Finland during the early voting period from 22 to 28 March. Simply take your identity document to any advance polling station to get the job done (travellers in Finland should check here for a list of polling stations by municipality).

If you wait until election day (Sunday 2 April) before voting, then you must take your identity document to the polling station that was specifically designated in the “notification of the right to vote” letter that you should have already received, either by post or electronically. The polling stations will be open from 09.00 to 20.00 on election day.

Finnish citizens living abroad may vote between 22 and 25 March at selected locations, such as Finnish diplomatic and consular missions.

You will find more instructions and hints for voting at the Vaalistaja website. The Vaalistaja (Electoral Enlightener) is a voter activation campaign of the SAK trade union movement that encourages people to vote in the Finnish parliamentary election. 

At the Vaalistaja website you may also subscribe to the free English-language Vaalistaja newsletter. The newsletter provides an English language overview of the most important election news for working people.

Your vote matters!

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