A catalogue of Orpo-Purra Government cuts

The Orpo-Purra Government is seeking significant changes in labour law, and in the right to strike. Its programme also includes a wide range of social welfare reductions, including drastic cuts in earnings-related unemployment benefit and housing allowance. A huge raft of measures is already in preparation.
06.09.2023 18:22
Riikka Purra, the Minister of Finance, and Petteri Orpo, the Prime Minister. Photo: Lauri Heikkinen / the Finnish Government / Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0).

A catalogue of Orpo-Purra Government cuts

Erosion of working conditions

  • No pay for the first day of sick leave
  • Job alternation leave abolished
  • “Relevant grounds” becoming sufficient for dismissal, instead of the present higher threshold of “relevant and serious grounds”.
  • Broader scope to set aside statutory employment standards by collective bargaining at individual workplaces with no shop steward
  • Special grounds for temporary employment only required when the job lasts for longer than one year
  • Hampering settlement of industrial disputes by limiting the powers of the national conciliator
  • Shortening notification and bargaining periods for temporary layoffs
  • No duty to re-engage dismissed workers in businesses with fewer than 50 employees

Restrictions on the right to strike

  • Restrictions on sympathetic and political strike action
  • A €200 fine for individual strikers when a strike is found to be illegal
  • A dramatic increase in union strike fines

Cuts in social welfare

  • Child supplements abolished in unemployment benefit
  • Earnings-related unemployment benefit already reduced after two months
  • A prolonged waiting period for unemployment benefit
  • Wage-subsidised employment no longer counting towards the employment condition for earnings-related benefit
  • A longer employment condition for earnings-related benefit
  • An employment condition based on prior earnings instead of working time
  • Cuts in housing allowance
  • Eligibility for unemployment benefit to begin only after phasing of outstanding holiday compensation
  • Obstacles to eligibility for social assistance
  • Abolition of the unemployment benefit and housing allowance portions that are protected during part-time working
  • Abolition of adult education benefit
  • Cuts in benefits for unemployed elderly workers
  • Abolition of the increased parental allowance rate payable for the first 16 ordinary weekdays *)
    *) Following a budget session, the Government announced on 19 September 2023 that it is seeking alternative measures.

How can I get involved?

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