Chinese trade union delegation visits SAK

A delegation from China's union confederation ACFTU visited Finland last week and met with Lauri Lyly, the President of Finland's largest union confederation SAK. The Chinese were primarily interested in SAK's experiences in the promotion of employees' rights, and through that avenue, the well-being of the entire society.
21.08.2012 10:03
Lauri Lyly and Wang Ruisheng

- It is important to find a balance whereby sufficient economic growth guarantees the well-being of companies. Then these companies can afford to pay proper wages and salaries to their employees, says Mr. Wang Ruisheng, the Vice-President of ACFTU.

- Our most important task is to establish trade union organizations also in non-government owned companies, he adds.

SAK and ACFTU have enjoyed bilateral relations for many years now. SAK39s leadership representatives and experts visited China last spring where they met ACFTU representatives. In 2008, the Presidents of all the Finnish union confederations SAK, STTK and Akava visited China.

SAK39s starting point is that open dialogue is the best way to promote the renewal of China's official trade union movement and thereby have an impact on working conditions in China.

- The Finnish trade union movement has every reason to monitor working life matters globally. Contacts with the Chinese trade union movement increases our knowledge of the current situation in the Chinese labour markets, says Katja Lehto-Komulainen, SAK's manager for international affairs.