Learn the ground rules at work – free booklet available in English, Arabic, Estonian and Russian

The Fair Play at Work booklet for workers entering the world of work has been translated into Arabic, Estonian and Russian. This popular SAK publication provides important information on the rights and duties of employees in Finland.
23.05.2019 09:36

“Employees manage better in the world of work when they know their rights and duties, so you really should read our booklet carefully and keep it for later reference,” says Maaret Pulliainen, an adviser working at the employee rights advisory service for immigrants.

Besides Arabic, Estonian and Russian, the SAK booklet is available in English, and in simplified Finnish and Swedish. Simplified language is adapted in content, vocabulary and structure to make it more readable and understandable than standard language.

“We have tried to help readers understand complex work regulations by explaining them in a simple way. This has also helped young Finnish workers who are just getting to know the working world for the first time,” Pullianen says.

“This booklet suits everyone who is starting out in the world of work, and even some employees who have already been working for a while. You can order copies to distribute through your school or organisation.”

 You can order printed booklets from SAK by e-mailing posti(@)sak.fi.

Fair Play at Work in simplified Finnish

Fair Play at Work in simplified Swedish

Fair Play at Work in English

Fair Play at Work in Arabic

Fair Play at Work in Estonian

Fair Play at Work in Russian

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