Display the anti-harassment notice at your workplace

SAK has published guidelines for combating sexual harassment at work in Finnish, Swedish and English. The notice provides advice for victims, workmates and abusers.
30.11.2017 09:38

"Everyone is entitled to feel safe at work, and to object to disagreeable touching, gestures or e-mails," stresses SAK Working conditions specialist Anne Mironen.

"An employer must always intervene in cases of harassment, and other employees must also be committed to enforcing a policy of zero tolerance concerning harassment at work."

SAK Delegate Council calls for a total ban on harassment

At its meeting in November 2017, the Delegate Council of SAK denounced all sexual harassment and bullying at workplaces.

"All employees have human rights and harassment must not be tolerated in any occupation," the Delegate Council stresses in its resolution.

Sexual harassment has been a criminal offence in Finland since 2014.

This is a harassment-free workplace
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