Avoid problems at work – Read the SAK guidelines for employees in Arabic

Are you looking for information about wages, working time, employment or trade unions in Finland? Do you know what a written employment contract looks like? You can find answers in the SAK guidelines for employees.
20.07.2018 10:45

The SAK guidelines for employees working in Finland are now available in Arabic.

This user-friendly guidebook is intended for immigrants and for anyone who is new to the world of work.

− Employees in Finland have many rights and duties. Understanding these rights and duties is important for success at work, explains legal adviser Sari-Anne Salminen.

Sari-Anne Salminen is a legal adviser at the employee rights advisory service for immigrants, which provides expert counselling for anyone facing employment-related problems at work.

− Our booklet will help you avoid many difficulties by providing a checklist of points to remember. You should use the checklist when starting a new job. For example the importance of making a written employment contract cannot be overemphasised, Salminen explains.

The booklet was previously published in English and simplified Finnish. Our new Arabic language edition now makes it even more accessible to immigrants.

− The previous versions in Finnish and English were already very popular with immigrants. The Arabic language edition is a keenly awaited response to popular demand, Salminen says.

Translations of the booklet into Estonian, Russian and simplified Swedish are also due to appear on the SAK website by the end of the summer.

You can read the SAK guidelines for employees in English here.

You can read the SAK guidelines for employees in Arabic here.

The guidelines are available in simplified Finnish here.

The checklist is also available here. It will be published in Arabic, Thai and Romanian in the autumn.

The SAK website also provides a brief information package for employees in nine other languages here. You should visit this part of the website for guidance in Russian, Estonian, Polish, Chinese, Somali and English.