Voting is your opportunity to influence how business is handled in your own municipality. Local elections determine the good life today and tomorrow.

Hundreds of trade union members stand for local elections in June. Find your own candidate in SAK local elections engine!

Are you a candidate in local elections and a member of an SAK-affiliated trade union? Then sign up for the SAK local election engine now!

What kind of decisions are made in municipalities?

A total of nearly 9,000 local councillors will soon be elected to about 300 municipalities in Finland. The everyday matters affected by their decisions will include:

  • Can you get a doctor’s appointment?
  • Will your child get a nursery school place?
  • Does local public transport work?

Local authorities decide the future of education and daycare, youth work, street maintenance, sports and cultural services, environmental protection and construction. And pending the long-awaited reform of social services and health care, they will also remain responsible for social and health services and for fire and rescue services.

How do local elections work?

The local council is the highest policymaking body of a municipality, and is always elected for four years at a time. A total of 13–85 delegates will be elected, depending on the domiciled population of the municipality. Candidate councillors may be nominated by political parties and by local constituency associations established by eligible voters.

The local council in turn elects a municipal executive board and any other boards or other executive organs that it deems necessary for various branches of administration. The council also elects municipal representatives to the administrative boards of joint municipal authorities and public commercial institutions.

When will the elections take place?

Finland’s parliamentary political parties and Ministry of Justice have agreed to postpone the next round of local elections until 13 June 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The elections were original scheduled for 18 April. The advance voting period will also be prolonged for two weeks and candidates may be entered in the election listing until 4 May. The Finnish government is due to submit a bill on this subject, with the formal postponement decision to be made by Parliament.

Find your own candidate!

How do I vote?

On election day you may only vote at your local polling station indicated in the electoral register. The address of this polling station is shown on a notice card that you should receive by post. Polling stations will be open from 09.00 to 20.00.

Regardless of your registered official polling station, you may nevertheless also vote in advance at any advance polling station in Finland or abroad.

You may also vote in advance at home if your mobility or other capacity is so restricted that you are unable to attend a polling station without unreasonable difficulty. You must register for such a vote from home in your municipality of domicile by no later than the day before advance voting begins.

Voters who are living or residing abroad during the local elections may vote by post. The crew members of a Finnish ship abroad may vote on board during the advance voting period.

Register for the candidate gallery!

We are opening an online local election engine at the end of March that will enable visitors to find a suitable candidate belonging to an SAK-affiliated trade union. If you are running for municipal office, submit your information to our local election engine to improve your visibility among voters who are interested in the common issues of the trade union movement!

You are warmly welcome to join this initiative if you are a member or employee of an SAK-affiliated trade union who shares important core values with the trade union movement. Simply complete the registration form found via this link to receive a confirmation e-mail and a link to enter and update your candidate information in the engine. You should retain this e-mail message and use the link to add such details as your official candidate number when it is finalised.

There is still time to stand for election

Who would be a better specialist than you when it comes to deciding on your local services? What if you ran for local office and became one of those crucial individuals who stands by their values, even when making difficult decisions?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused postponement of Finland’s scheduled local elections from April to 13 June. This has also postponed the deadline for candidate registration to 4 May, which is now the new closing date for amending candidate listings.

Stand for election and start making your municipality a better place to live for everyone!

The candidates listed in our local election engine will stand by our common values when making decisions

Candidates registering for the SAK local election engine must make a commitment to work for three basic values:

  1. Dignity at work – humanity.
  2. Equality – freedom from discrimination.
  3. Standing up for the disadvantaged – inclusion.

The SAK local election engine enables voters to find candidates who will stand by their values, even when making difficult decisions. They will not offer easy solutions when none exist, but will seek justice and fairness. And when it’s time to choose sides, they will take the side of the disadvantaged. They want to make their municipality a better place for everyone to live, and make sure that nobody falls through the safety net.

Are you a candidate of this kind? Then sign up for the SAK local election engine now!