Working in Finland

Ground rules governing the world of work in Finland.


At Work in Finland

Other languages

The employee rights advisory service for immigrants is open between Monday and Thursday from 09.00 to 11.00 and from 12.00 to 15.00. Telephone 0800 414 004 or e-mail

Besides Finnish, Swedish and English, SAK website includes entry-level guidance on the world of work in nine other languages.

Trabajo en Finlandia
Arbeiten in Finnland
العمل في فنلندا
Работа в Финляндии
Travailler en Finlande
Töötamine Soomes
Ka shaqaynta wadanka Finland dhexdiisa

Finding a job

Finding a job requires a lot of patience, but don’t give up! Employment and economic development offices help in finding work in Finland.

What kind of documentation is needed?

Checklist for new workers

Find out some key issues connected to working life in Finland. It’s a good idea to join a union and make a written employment contract when you start a new job.


Problems at work?

If problems cannot be settled by negotiating with the employer, there are further channels that vary according to whether or not you belong to a trade union.

Who can I turn to?

Employee rights advisory service