Trade unions

Trade union membership gives you a voice in determining your job security, earnings, working conditions and safety. It also offers various other benefits, including practical help when your rights are violated, access to special unemployment insurance arrangements, training programmes, cut-price holiday packages, group discounts on a wide range of consumer goods and services, and opportunities for social involvement.

It is normal for employees to be a member in a trade union in Finland. You are welcome to become one of more than two million members in the Finnish trade union movement!

Application forms are available through local union activists or directly from the offices of each trade union. You can also use the search engine at which helps you find the SAK trade union that is best suited to your circumstances.

Our toll-free number 0800 179 279 also helps you to find the right union. You can call us anytime between 09.00 and 15.00, Monday to Friday.

SAK trade unions by branch of activity

SAK is a confederation of 20 trade unions in industry, the public sector, transport, private services, and cultural and journalistic branches.


  • Construction Trade Union
  • Finnish Electrical Workers’ Union
  • Finnish Food Workers’ Union
  • Finnish Industrial Union (former Metalworkers' Union)
  • Industrial Union TEAM
  • Paperworkers’ Union
  • Woodworkers' Union of Finland

Public sector

  • Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors (JHL)
  • Border Security Union (JHL cooperation union)
  • Finnish Customes Officers’ Union (JHL cooperation union)
  • Finnish NCOs’ Union (JHL cooperation union)
  • Finnish Prison Officers’ Union (JHL cooperation union)

Private services

  • Finnish Elite Athletes Union
  • Finnish Musicians’ Union
  • Service Unions United
  • Theatre and Media Employees in Finland
  • Union of Formen in Commerce (SAK’s member via the Palvelualan Unioni PaU)


  • Finnish Aviation Union
  • Finnish Locomotivemen’s Union
  • Finnish Post and Logistics Union
  • Finnish Railwaymen’s Union
  • Finnish Seafarers' Union
  • Finnish Transport Workers' Union (AKT)
  • Finnish Cabin Crew Union (AKT cooperation union)
  • Railway Salaried Staff’s Union


  • Finnish Social Democratic Journalists’ Union
  • General Union of Journalists