Young adults

SAK activities for young adults are open to all.

SAK is keen to improve the status of young adults in the labour market and in society more generally, and its activities for young adults are open to all. Contact your shop steward or trade union for further details of how young adults can have a say in determining their terms and conditions of employment, improve their job security, and pursue promising forms of collective action.

There are SAK youth action groups working throughout Finland to bring together activists from various industries and organise a wide range of activities for local young employees.

The work of youth action groups is based on initiatives from the young people involved, combining fun, fellowship and serious business in activities ranging from conferences to various campaigns, projects and collective leisure time pursuits.

Leaders of youth action groups

Students welcome

Students are also involved in the work of SAK with young adults. Nearly all of the trade unions affiliated to SAK accept student members, and such membership is usually free of charge.

The SAKKI association lobbies for the interests of young adults in vocational training.

An important youth organisation

With some 200,000 members of its affiliated trade unions aged under 30 years and half of these aged under 25, SAK is an important organisation for young adults with significant power to lobby policymakers.

SAK and its affiliates employ specialists who work on behalf of young members and assist them in tackling problems at work, while bargaining and defending their terms and conditions of employment. You can rely on your union to guide you through the complexities of the working world.

A Youth Affairs Secretary organises work on behalf of young adults at SAK and there are corresponding officials working at affiliated trade unions.

A global network

As part of the trade union movement, you are involved in creating a more equitable world. A video presentation by the International Trade Union Confederation provides some insights into this work.

Further details of international collective bargaining work by SAK

TATSI works for unemployed young people

The Support Organisation for Unemployed Members of Trade Unions (TATSI) arranges training events for young adults on coping with everyday life, housing and managing personal finances. These courses also provide insights into the world of work. Life management courses for unemployed young adults are arranged at Utkujärvi near Muonio in Lapland.