Union branches

Your union branch gives you a channel of influence.

A union member is generally also a member of one of the union’s branches or local associations. The union branch is your primary platform for active membership, keeping you informed and providing a wide range of opportunities for collective action and lobbying.

By getting involved in the work of your union branch, you will learn the details of the collective agreement in your sector concerning such matters as pay rates, various allowances and bonuses, holiday entitlement and other rights and benefits that you enjoy at the workplace. The union branch defends your rights at work and supervises compliance with laws and agreements.

The union branch can help you lobby for improved pay and working conditions in your sector, and it also gives you a voice in formulating the policies of your national union.

In addition to matters decided at workplaces, union branches and their members influence society in general. Branches may submit policy proposals to their unions and to local SAK organisations, and may also lobby for improvements in labour legislation and other far-reaching reforms.

Union branches arrange a wide variety of activities, including both educational and leisure pursuits such as excursions and cultural outings, sporting competitions and celebrations.