In the regions

A strong regional lobbying force.

SAK regional officesThe strength of the SAK trade union movement largely depends on the voluntary efforts of an active membership, and its goals can only be pursued effectively through work done locally and at workplaces.

Successful trade union work calls for collaboration between people lobbying in various occupational fields. Trade union branches provide a platform for this co-operation, and local SAK organisations help these branches to find a common voice regionally.

Local organisations, regional SAK establishments and the provincial offices of affiliated trade unions give the SAK trade union movement nationwide visibility and influence.

The main functions of an SAK regional office are:

  • promoting regional co-operation between affiliated trade unions
  • providing services, training and information
  • supporting trade union member recruitment

Get involved in local policymaking

By taking part in the work of the SAK trade union movement you can influence progress in your local district in such fields as employment rates, business policy and educational provision. Regional collaboration helps trade unions to ensure the continued influence of the SAK trade union movement on provincial development work and policymaking.

You can get involved in this work through your own trade union branch, which will generally be affiliated to the local SAK organisation. Local organisations enable employees in various industries to find their collective voice in matters of local concern, so be sure to recommend affiliation if your own trade union branch is not already involved in this work!

The SAK regional congress provides an annual opportunity for affiliated trade unions and representatives of local SAK organisations to determine the policies and priorities of SAK regional work. These regional congresses are convened in the late autumn by the SAK regional office. They also provide a forum for electing SAK regional councils every two years.

SAK regional offices

  • Helsinki
  • Kouvola
  • Turku
  • Tampere
  • Kuopio
  • Oulu

Contact information of SAK regional offices